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Championing the need for an updated digital platform to present the property was one of my primary focal points when I joined the team. I presented the business case, identified and managed all vendors, including photographers and videographers, uploaded all imagery, wrote all of the new copy, created and applied the new style guide, oversaw the platform integrations, while managing and reporting upon the entire project and budgets according to the proposed timeline.

Competing calls to action, attempting to serve every single stakeholder on the homepage, and outdated web sizing made the digital experience inconsistent with the refreshed luxury hospitality experience available at this property.

Simplified navigation, strong imagery, clearly written copy, and consistent application of the style guide presented the resort's brand in a way that was consistent with the calming, nostalgic, accommodating in-person experience.


I guided the menu navigation hierarchy based upon the order of priorities for what the site was intended to accomplish.

Since booking a hotel room was the top priority, "BOOK NOW" became the main focus of the home page. 

Based upon extensive user research and feedback sessions with the hotel reservations team, the top clicks and top areas of web and phone inquiries were supported by pulling out the following three areas from the "hamburger" menu in the original design to display in white text on the main page: "PEARL OF THE DAY' (special rates), "EVENT TICKETS," and "GIFT CARDS." 

The order of the sub-categories of the menu is arranged in order of revenue priorities, starting with "accommodations," then "culinary," "spa," "weddings/events." To quote one of my UX professors from the University of Washington, we slightly "showed our organizational underwear," by displaying our revenue sources from greatest to smallest dollar amounts in order from top to bottom on the menu navigation on the right. 

Creating expandable menus for each area allowed the users to more quickly find what they are looking for on this site without being overwhelmed by what to click on first. By placing our revenue-rich priorities at the top of the navigation, we guided their user journey to align their objectives with visiting the site with ours as possible.


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