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One of my favorite things of all time both personally and professionally. In the last 15 years, I’ve written ad copy, site copy, interface copy, social copy, print materials, whitepapers, eBooks, podcast and video scripts, branding platforms, blogs, press releases, and grant application copy. Verticals I've written for range from telecommunications, medicine, tourism, hospitality, education, technology, and non-profits. 


Because I have had the privilege to work both as an end-to-end and specialized content owner, I am able to oversee the big picture as well as roll up my sleeves and do good work. Spanning the content strategy continuum, my work ranges from website design to editorial strategy, content marketing, content process, and operations. I’ve conducted in-depth audits, user research, created and run large-scale events, and led content and branding workshops.


Twice in my career, I have been honored to help transition the branding of organizations that were over a century old. Through both of these experiences, I learned how to make room for nostalgic brand essence in addition to representing growth and modernization. Launching new brands, and working within well-established brands have honed my abilities to ensure compliance and authenticity to the tone and narrative. Matching the digital experience with the physical properties of a brand, rather than masquing its true nature can be both ephemeral and fundamental to successful brand management.


Fine art training and a deep appreciation for natural beauty shape my design aesthetic. I am both self-trained (thanks to everyone who posted that niche Adobe Illustrator or Premiere Pro trick on YouTube!) and have a Masters in Communication of Digital Media from the University of Washington. A generalist in this space, I have worked within established templates and completely built entire systems of templates for graphic design. I've done both print and digital media management. I've designed social campaigns, print, and digital magazine ads created imagery for websites and email programs that I've run, produced TV ads, built print and digital stationery, designed brochures, created templates for training materials, built executive presentations, and created a collaborative beverage labeling program for WA-based artists.


Designing a delightful digital journey requires solving the right problems at the right times, for the right audiences. In life and work, I am drawn to untangling messes, getting to the root of where things went wrong or require innovation, showing this breakdown with kindness, and then sharing the victory of clear rationales around taxonomies, use cases, style guides, and overall expectations so that site design and information is intuitively organized in a way that is extended into future development without extensive explanation. 


Before getting too deep into anything, I prioritize establishing relationships and trust, evaluating short and long-term objectives, gaining consensus on the scope of work, regularly seeking candid feedback based upon the progress across the proposed timelines, and adjusting with humility and excitement as needed. Empathy, tenacity, and curiosity are some of my core strengths. I have served on the boards of community organizations, cared for students and seniors as a volunteer and caregiver, make environmentally-friendly choices, and strive to be a mindful, kind person. 

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