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Vendor selection and project management, style guide application, copywriting, imagery management, configuration of platform integrations oversight, workflow creation, automation, segmentation and personalization development, analytics reporting creation

Low-tech platform integrations and inconsistent brand management made customer-facing email communication unprofessional and inconsistent with the luxury property offerings. In addition to not being aesthetically pleasing, the email communications also included inaccurate information, which created inefficiencies and confusion between the resort guests and on-site staff. Almost every single guest that received an email communication had to place a phone call to the resort in order to gain clarity around their reservation. All guests, regardless of their segment (corporate retreat, wedding guest, family vacation, romantic getaway for example) received the exact same transactional email communications pieces.

Reduction of word count and calls-to-action in each communication, application of new style guide, leverage customer information for segmentation and personalization, expanded spacing and imagery selection 


Whether a guest is receiving a reservation confirmation from the booking engine, a spa appointment confirmation from their platform, a corporate retreat update, a special culinary event from the dining program, a sale from one of the retail spaces, a happy birthday or anniversary message from the CRM platform, they experienced a consistent brand experience with clarity as to how to respond to the email communication received. 

Segmentation and automation flow empowered the various outlets to communicate with guests and prospects in a way that met their interests rather than blasting them with irrelevant or generic information. 

The selection to the left is only a small collection of the personalization and templates that I built. After extensive documentation and education of personas, lifecycles, and user-based data, I managed photo shoots, uploaded imagery, built dynamic feeds, and embedded imagery into these pieces. When writing all of the copy, I balanced the tone of our ownership, a PNW high-profile couple, and our General Manager. This was a friendly, welcoming tone, that exuded the essence of friendliness and the desire to accommodate any request and make each guest feel truly special for choosing to spend their spare dollars and time at the property. 

Starting transactional cancellation messages with "we're sad," and folio closeout messages with "we hope" and a personalized invitation to share feedback either privately to our General Manager or on social media often gave guests the agency to proclaim to the world how amazing their stay was or privately express their disappointment with something that did not meet their expectations.

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