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Launch channel, identify speakers, write narrative, secure legal waivers, conduct kick-off, and recordings, manage production vendor, manage channel upload, manage artwork and social copy, evangelize internally for demand generation use cases

Webinar fatigue, reduced content budgets, customer resistance to participate in traditional case studies, poor internal communication around content availability and use cases, and shifts in behavior due to a global pandemic presented a need for a new content type for thought leadership of financial decision-makers.  

Leverage the new Go-To-Market strategy, of shifting from leading customer and prospect communications with SaaS product/solution features and functions to what outcomes they are trying to achieve through their subscription. Position customers, prospects, and senior internal leaders in a fireside-chat-style conversation around key challenges that they are observing and then financial tech best practices of how to solve them. Leading with empathy and simple language breaks down highly complex challenges into how to use financial data to observe, measure, and set key goals.

Collaborate with senior leadership to gain and maintain a pulse of the key topics that customers are most interested in. Provide leaders agency in the form of a podcast channel to speak on, nominate stories or speakers, and share episode recordings as well as supporting assets, such as blog posts or whitepapers, internally and with customers and prospects. Build a feedback machine that continues to reiterate quickly vetting and bringing relevant stories to life in an Enterprise marketing organization through an innovative tactic, of podcasting. 


  1. Futureproofing for Financial Disruption: 3 Things to do Right Now  
    -- Blogs: Transcript + Key Points

  2. Consistency is King for a Globalized Travel Experience with Award-Winning American Express Global Business Travel  
    -- Blogs: Transcript + Key Points

  3. Flexibility on the Fly: American Airlines Introduces Friction-Less Business Travel -- Blogs: Transcript +  Key Points

  4. Bye-bye paper, Hello Automation with an Innovation Award-Winning Partner, neylux -- Blogs: Transcript Key Points

  5. SAP Concur Solutions is like a Condo with Different Floorplans for the Award-Winning Lyndon Group -- Blogs: Transcript + Key Points

  6. Finance is Central to the Digital Revolution with Mike Eberhard and Chris Juneau of Oversight  -- Blogs: Transcript + Key Points

  7. Community and Innovation in Higher Education Tech with Huron about Penn State University -- Blogs: Transcript + Key Points

  8. Work from Anywhere Redefined by Ernst & Young
    -- Blogs: Transcript + Key Points

  9. Wrangling Process in an IT Wild West at Penn State University
    -- Blogs: Transcript + Key Points

  10. Post-Pandemic Wanderlust? Using Your Best Judgment for Business Travel with Acquis -- Blogs: Transcript + Key Points

  11. Transforming Corporate Sustainability Programs RIGHT NOW with TCG (part 2) -- Blogs: Transcript + Key Points

  12. What does sustainability mean for corporations? (part 1)
    -- Blogs: Transcript + Key Points

  13. Ready to flip the switch for the next disruption in business continuity?
    -- Blogs: Transcript + Key Points

  14. Shifting mileage programs to accommodate the work from anywhere lifestyle -- Blogs: Transcript + Key Points

  15. Better Forever: Freeing People to do their Best Jobs Through AP Automation -- Blogs: Transcript + Key Points

  16. Human-Centered Technology Wins: How Prioritizing Employee Satisfaction Helped A Company Scale Global Compliance and Thrive Amidst the Global Pandemic  -- Blogs: Transcript + Key Points

After an inaugural year, this podcast channel is a living and breathing space for outcome-aligned storytelling between subject matter experts. These episodes are less expensive and time-consuming than other storytelling channels, such as formal case studies or webinars. They serve as a thought leadership tactic in particular for decision-makers to reflect and make strategic shifts in the leadership of their organizations. 

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