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AB Booking Engine (before).jpg

Vendor selection, style guide application, copywriting, imagery management, configuration oversight. 

Cumbersome and not fully functional, the website integrates with a property management system connected to the resort's booking engine.

Minimizing colors, increasing spaces between copy, simplifying the descriptive language, expanding the image libraries, and working closely with operations to monitor and adjust based upon user research.


  • input dates in "check-in" and "check-out" fields

  • input number of rooms and guests

  • selected dates would change the color to green

  • copy beneath the right-hand "YOUR RESERVATION" bar would reflect the availability​​

    • if no rooms were available, copy would say, "No dates available"​

      • this was operationally problematic, as the servers would break, and then inaccurate availability would display​

    • if selected dates were available for reservation, the copy would list only the numbers and forward slashes and the total price

      • this was operationally problematic, as guests often had to call to receive an explanation of the pricing and fees​

    • a tiny grey button like the above "SEARCH" button would display to proceed to the next step​


AB Booking Engine (after).jpg

A consistent brand experience made shifting from the website to the integrated booking more seamless to guests.

Instead of relying upon multiple colors and drop-down menus running in multiple directions to reflect availability within the search parameters, I made all of the content flow from left to right, with consistent fonts, and a few colors from our style guide.

Competitive set analysis of the booking engine experience informed my micro-copy writing. I chose to make the language consistent with similar properties so as to rely upon the user's familiarity with other booking engines.


  • touch calendar with finger or mouse to select check-in and out dates

    • selected dates would turn the same color blue as the above bar with the availability and pricing numbers switching to white​

    • available room types would display (there were 11 potential options/room types) in the "ACCOMMODATIONS" horizontal bar above that you'd be able to select in the next step

    • pricing with the fees for the various room types based upon the dates selected in the calendar in the "TOTAL" horizontal bar above

  • once dates selected in calendar, an orange "NEXT" button with an arrow pointing to the right would display in the bottom right-hand corner

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