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Kathryn Kamin is a senior content marketing strategist for the SAP Concur Enterprise Americas team, where she leads customer improvement and lifecycle content programs and initiatives. Her work experience in hospitality, telecommunications, healthcare, and education combined with a Master’s degree in Communication of Digital Media from the University of Washington, have refined her ability to wield the narrative arc of storytelling around content with empathy and curiosity. Kathryn enjoys the outdoors and loves watching her children marvel at ordinary and extraordinary aspects of life.

Launch New
Go-To-Market Strategy

JAN 2020

Solving rather than selling

A new go-to-market approach was launched in January of 2020 for SAP Concur. The shift was
to approach all engagements with customers and prospects with an empathic focus on achieving their desired outcomes rather than the features and functions capable of their SaaS solution subscriptions.

Outcome-aligned content strategy

I joined the enterprise Americas shared services content marketing team to support content requests and lead the go-to-market narrative through content creation and collaboration.

Join SAP Concur

APR 2020

Launch Benchmark
Blog Series

MAY 2020

Benchmarking outcomes

Establishing outcomes based upon utilization metrics by segment was something new for SAP Concur. Digging into how to measure some of these, indexing healthy performance ranges by segment, and then establishing best practices to get organizations into those healthy ranges is complex. This blog series is the fruit of my collaboration with the customer improvement data and value experience teams and was my initial attempt to create customer-facing content that scaled to groups of customers rather than simple one-to-one instances.

Sample Blog Posts:

Traditional tactics: outcome-aligned whitepapers and videos

I scoped, managed vendors, and created outcome-aligned content in the forms of whitepapers and explainer videos to help internal stakeholders, customers, and prospects initiate dialogue around this new approach, from the top of the funnel, thought-leadership level.

Use cases are:

  • CTAs in Marketo, LinkedIn, banner ads, digital community group links, or customized homepage experiences

  • Follow up assets before or after business reviews​

  • Invite or follow-up assets to virtual or in-person events and meetings

  • Internal platform link pitching for ongoing customer engagement

Sample content:

Launch Whitepaper + Explainer Video Series

JUL 2020

Launch Podcast +
Blog Posts

FEB 2021

Innovative storytelling: outcome-aligned podcasts and blog posts

Adoption of the GTM was slow, due to the global pandemic. Providing context for the outcome-aligned approach was made possible through audio storytelling with customers, partners, and senior leadership.
My role was to scope, launch, find a producer, manage the budget, secure the speakers and legal waivers, create the storyline, run the kick-off and recorded calls, deliver the recordings to a vendor for audio production, secure approvals and manage revisions, upload the episode to the podcast channel, write
the descriptions, transcript, and key points blog posts, and evangelize internal and external stakeholder
use cases.

Sample episodes and blog posts:

Empathic collaboration around outcomes

​After extensive analysis and collaboration, the outcome-aligned content that I launched beginning in 2020 received the highest organic customer and prospect engagement for enterprise Americas in 2021 and is attributed to several million dollars of revenue generation. 

Not only are customers finding cost savings,
but they are able to set goals and track improvement towards their desired outcomes. Instead of just making sales, SAP Concur employees are positioned to be empathic problem-solvers through the outcome-aligned rather than product-aligned approach.

Present Highest-Performing Content of Enterprise America in 2021 to Executive Leadership Committee

DEC 2021

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